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This 3 hour, 39 pg. course is a combination of two governmental publications.
The first publication covers the steps, that the U.S. Govt. and the wind energy industry are taking to develop wind energy technology and infrastructure.
The second publication is an introduction to small wind energy systems, used at rural residential sites.

(1st Publication):
Overview of the DOE Wind Energy Program
Rural Economic Development
Wind Power for Native Americans
Wind for Schools
Environmental Assessment
Integrating Wind Systems with the Grid
Enhancing Critical Transmission Infrastructure
Large Wind Technologies
Distributed Generation - Small Wind Systems (100kw and less)
Developing International Standards for Wind Systems
Future Programs for Wind Energy

Topics (2nd Publication):
Introduction to Small Wind Systems
Making a Home More Energy Efficient
Practicality of using a Wind Energy
Wind Turbine Sizing
Basic Parts of a Small Wind Electric System
Costs of Wind Systems
Installation and Maintenance Support
Energy Output of Wind Systems
Analyzing Available Wind on a Site
Choosing the Best Site for a Wind Turbine
Connecting a System to the Utility Grid
Going “Off-Grid”
Glossary of Terms

Intended Audience: electrical, mechanical, civil, energy, chemical, environmental, construction,and industrial engineers. However, this course could appeal to engineers of other disciplines as well.

Publication Source: US Dept. of Energy (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

3 hours
Certificate of completion
Beginner level
No prerequisites
No preparation required
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